Create & Launch Your Course in 30 Days Masterclass ONE HUNDRED Beta Testers, (even if you don't have an email list! )

During this live Masterclass you will discover...

How to avoid the pitfalls that some course creators fall into when creating a course

How to find and survey people who are suffering from the problem your course will solve

The secrets to choosing a course topic that will sell!

The secrets to launching in 30 days to 100 Beta Testers... Hint: It's NOT through pre-selling! You don't need an email list or paid ads.

An opportunity for your course to be seen by 20,000 beta testers

How to create a course people actually want... no guessing! (Guessing is expensive!)

This Training Is For You If You Want:

A clear vision and plan to create a profitable online course! 

  • You're ready to stop trading dollars for hours, or stop taking 1-on-1 clients
  • If you've been sitting on a course idea forever, and you don't know how to make it a reality
  • You're overwhelmed and confused by the course creation process
  • You want to make a huge impact in the world with a digital product that you can scale

About Your Instructor

Jenna (@youcanbrand)

"I'm here to help course creators get out of their own way, with my unique ability to take the complex and and make it simple so that we can create more abundance and possibility in our lives."

Jenna Soard is a branding expert, and course creation ninja. She is a former University professor from the University of Oregon, and a former Senior Graphic designer at Nike. She's had over 20,000 women entrepreneurs come through her courses.

Create & Launch Your Course in 30 Days!

To 100 Beta Testers...Even if You don't have an email list!